The all-in-one solution to step up your efficiency

AvioBook is the total solution to streamline your operations and power your growth in an evolving industry. A secure, connected and integrated platform that optimizes your efficiency and reduces costs from the start.

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The next-generation EFB solution

All the information you need within reach, integrated with your back-office & tailored to your airline.

Digitize your workflow

Eliminate paperwork from your cockpit and digitize your aircraft processes. More efficiency, fewer costs.

View all your activities at a glance

Whether you are a pilot, dispatcher or cabin crew member, Flight is the go-to app for all your daily tasks

Exchange key data in real time

Thanks to Flight, everyone is in sync. Share valuable information between ground ops, pilots, dispatchers and cabin crew in real time.

Have all the info at your fingertips

Flight makes sure you’ve got all the information you need on-hand. Even when you’re offline during the flight.

Get updates & smart content

Smart attachments and live weather data: all part of your dynamic flight package!

The perfect end-to-end
solution for your airline.

Everything you need to simplify every phase of flight operations.
Unlock access to all data whenever you need it and stay connected every step of the way.

  • Fully integrated
  • Connected 24/7
  • Fully secure

We’ve got you covered

Our secure, connected and integrated platform consists of up to 12 modules seamlessly integrated into one suite, with data sharing between the modules.


Overview of the EFB and the flights or tasks coming up. Pilots can download and select their leg, update EFB content and view incoming notifications.


Access to all pre-flight briefing data legally required to dispatch each flight. It’s all there.


Part of the EFF (Electronic Flight Folder) containing flight planning output. Complemented by other flight related data, this fully digitized module is a life saver.


Quickly and easily produce a complete load sheet based on the aircraft configuration and handling agent information. Save time while reducing risk!


Smart electronic normal and abnormal checklists featuring interruption management. Keep everything straight and maximize safety.


Interactive map displaying flight leg-related data and various dynamic weather layers. A complete and accurate overview of weather phenomena to help you weather any storm.


Fully digitized repository for PDF documents. Configure this module to match your airline’s library structure.


High-precision takeoff and landing calculation solution taking into account your airplane configuration, AFM and approved airport database. Fully automatic, always trustworthy.


Interactive and fully digitized technical logbook for viewing technical status and instantly reporting defects. A precious time saver for maintenance operators.


Customizable end-to-end reporting system based on XML templates. Reports are configured on the base and forwarded to the back-office.


This module puts you on the map! A launcher for your chart application that shares your route data with third-party chart applications.


Handy tools that don’t just make the pilot’s life easier. They also reduce the workload significantly in demanding situations!

Integrate with our other
hardware solutions

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