Streamline your ops
and fly higher

We propel your efficiency to new heights with our total package of integrated, user-friendly applications. Get the edge to power your growth with secure solutions adapted to your airline’s unique needs!

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Seamlessly integrated, fully connected.

  • All tasks in 1 app
  • Real time data exchange
  • Digital aircraft operations
  • Share live updates via AvioCast
  • Manage all aircraft users & devices
  • Monitor aircraft technical status
  • Key documents at everyone’s fingertips
  • Digital reports produced in minutes
  • Paperless & impossible to misplace
  • Consult & manage aircraft defects
  • Immediately prepare defect repairs
  • Drastically improve turn-around time
  • Reliable data & improved collaboration
  • Secured chatrooms for each flight
  • Designed for all devices


For pilots

The next-generation EFB solution to help pilots work more efficiently. A total solution to meet the needs of a changing industry. Optimize your operations by streamlining workflows and reducing costs from the get-go.

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For dispatchers

Enables operations centers and dispatchers to manage all EFB and flight data. Monitor all data going to the pilot's EFBs or cabin and ground crew devices. Seamlessly integrated with your back-office systems.

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For cabin crew

Optimize your cabin crew’s workflow with this intuitive cross-platform mobile app. Share valuable information with crew members in real time and generate reports in a snap.

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For technicians

Helps maintenance operators prepare defect treatments in record speed without touching a piece of paper. For maintenance operators, every minute counts. Save precious time and eliminate human error.

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For all flight personnel

Say hello to our secure communications app connecting everyone around the flight. Gone are the days of muddled communications with aircraft personnel. Communicate in real time and optimize your workflows.

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The perfect end-to-end
solution for your airline.

Everything you need to simplify every phase of flight operations.
Unlock access to all data whenever you need it and stay connected every step of the way.

  • Fully integrated
  • Connected 24/7
  • Fully secure

Non-stop to smoother operations.

Scale & adapt to meet evolving needs

Communication is key to guarantee safety and efficiency. With AvioBook, you’re always in direct contact with the right people involved. Your cabin crew, dispatch or mechanics, all just a tap of a button away.

Get more done with less

The aviation industry’s rapid growth comes with new challenges for optimizing flight and ground operations. We’re your secret weapon, combining human effort with cutting-edge technology. AvioBook lets you get more done with less time and hassle.

Synergize your team

The future of flying is about connecting all your on-board and ground staff in real time. AvioBook facilitates instant communication between the cockpit, cabin and back-office.

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