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Company culture

Fostering a culture focused on you!

AvioBook is dedicated to ensuring
an environment where you can flourish

Growing from a small start-up to major player on the EFB market does not come without challenges, yet right from the outset we identified the kind of culture that we wanted to cultivate.

Sticking true to our company values has helped us develop into a company that not only balances work and fun but is focused on ensuring that every member of the team can reach their full potential!

A passionate company

Our company is all about helping you learn, grow and develop. We regularly organize coaching events, training programs, and conferences. More than that, we look at you as an individual creating tailored schedules of one-to-one sessions with leaders and coaches that support your journey with us. 

We believe you never stop learning ‘cause life never stops teaching!

Our motto has always been teamwork makes the dream work. As we have grown and developed that means creating spaces where creativity can flow and new connections can be made.

In our amazing offices whether you are having a meeting, a huddle, a chit chat or a coffee it's not only possible but actively encouraged!

We laugh - A LOT - at our desks, in the kitchen, in the meeting rooms, and even in the bathrooms! We have regular Drinks&Bites, team buildings (yes, in & outside of Belgium), pop-up parties, LAN-parties, football games, barbecues, new customer celebrations... You name it, we do it! 

Not really a surprise for a technology company but we love innovation. When it comes to our teams that means embracing new ways of working, flexible hours, home office options, agile methods and horizontal structures. We really keep in mind your work-life balance and communicate transparently with you to ensure that you have the best experience here.

Even if you have never set foot in a plane or wondered what a pilot has to do to prepare a flight we don’t mind. We think aviation is awesome!

And being an IT company in the aviation business, boring does not exist. You not only get to know everything that happens before, after, in and around stepping onto a plane, you also get the chance to make a true difference. You’ll be writing the future of the aviation industry itself!

Take a look at the our offices

A quick tour of our offices to give you a hint of what it's like to work here.

AvioBook is hiring!

AvioBook is growing... and fast! If you're interested in joining a company that values you as much as what you do take a look at our current openings.

Even if there is nothing directly linked to your current skill set we'd love to hear from you! We are always on the lookout for new and talented people to join our teams.