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AvioData: providing your aircraft with the right data

In addition to our complete and integrated suite of software and hardware solutions. AvioBook,  a Thales Group company, also provides updates for the navigation databases in the Flight Management Systems of the ATR-600 series aircraft, the S-76D helicopter and the Sukkoi SSJ100. With a tailored customer portal, users are able to download their databases and, with the viewer tool, to see exactly what has changed and analyse the impact it might have on their operations.


A service currently trusted by 125 operators who use our services, for 3 aircraft programs: ATR600, SSJ100 and S-76D helicopters.

Stay Updated with Ease

Subscribe to AvioBooks Secure Internet Portal for effortless Flight Management Systems (FMS) updates. With a yearly subscription, you'll receive navigation database updates every 28 days. Stay informed with pre-cycle email notifications for each AIRAC date and access updates anytime via our 24/7 dedicated interface on the AvioBook Database Portal.

Expert Support, Trusted Compliance

AvioBook provides 24/7 technical support from our dedicated database team. We work closely with our product engineers to quickly resolve any technical issues. AvioBook holds a DAT 2 certificate from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), ensuring compliance with ED-76 / DO-200A Standards for Processing Aeronautical Data.

Digital MAP Technology for Enhanced Navigation

The Digital MAP technology is available for the Sikorsky S-76D helicopter. DMAP overlays virtual layers of information onto maps, including elevation data, en-route charts, vector data, and raster charts.

All of these databases are available for update via our AvioBook Database Portal . As well as offering time and cost benefits for airlines, this service is an excellent example of AvioBook’s continuous commitment to provide first-class services. 

Join the AvioBook Database Portal today for effortless updates, expert support, and advanced navigation technology. Elevate your aviation experience with Thales! To get access to the portal, you will need to register through the page below.

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