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The most expeditious & cost-effective way to offload FDM data

AvioCast is an innovative, patented concept that is unique on the market. Our 3-in-1 QAR/AID/WAP solution allows you to wirelessly offload FDM data and share live updates with the crew. Keep your aircraft connected & your data secure while minimizing installation and certification costs.

AvioCast - an introduction

Discover a little more about AvioCast, how it works and the concrete benefits it can bring your operations.

What’s in it for your airline?

AvioCast provides a gateway for the pilots’ EFB to transmit flight and aircraft data to the ground. After touchdown, the Quick Access Recorder (QAR) immediately offloads all post-flight data. Obtain valuable data insights faster so you can shorten the analysis cycle and anticipate maintenance actions. 

AvioCast is specifically designed to be a future proof solution that keeps your aircraft connected in the most cost-effective way. The removable server is easily managed via an admin portal and the over-the-air updates allow AvioCast to be upgraded without modifying the aircraft. This significantly lowers installation and certification costs.

What’s in it for pilots?

AvioCast hosts an Aircraft Interface Device (AID) which allows for seamless information sharing between the aircraft and your EFB. View your aircraft position on the en-route map or verify prefilled fuel figures and OOOI aircraft times.

Regardless of whether you’re on the ground or in-flight, AvioCast provides your EFB with a Wireless Access Point (WAP) so that you stay connected at all times. Connect to AvioCast wifi to obtain real-time weather reports, flight plan revisions and airport conditions.

"AvioCast is specifically designed in two parts to keep your aircraft connected in the
most cost-effective way"