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All your flight data
within reach

AvioBook Base is a game changing information management tool for dispatchers and OCCs. By keeping the aircraft connected to a server and logging important information, Base improves operational safety.

The all-in-one information management tool

The process of organizing and pushing relevant data to the crew and ground staff devices is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep the cockpit connected and maximize safety with AvioBook Base. For OCCs and dispatchers, Base Globe will enhance your operational awareness.

Significant safety improvements

AvioBook Base takes information management to a much higher level. Did you know that Base logs a snapshot every time the pilots update their EFBs? In case of an incident or accident, you’ll be able to help reconstruct the chain of events by analyzing which information was available to the crew.

Enhance your operational awareness & lower costs

See the same flight data as the pilots, assist the crew in their decision-making process and follow up on the situation. Base is integrated into the AvioBook Suite, allowing you to easily share live updates, open up the lines of information exchange and lower the operational communication and logistics costs of your airline. 

Share data & communicate directly

Are your crew operating a route with specific company procedures or over-flight restrictions? Flightbox is a temporary dynamic library which allows you to automatically push relevant operational procedures or relay info for a specific flight to the right end user. This way everyone has the information they need, when they need it.

Want to step up your game?

Find out how we can help you improve your workflow and take your airlines’ operations to the next level! Our experts are happy to answer your questions.

Easily oversee & record all operations

Perform live tracking of the fleet through a user-friendly timeline. Check the flight status by following up on pilot submissions such as the operational flight plan, the loadsheet, the navlog or the journey log. These documents can then be automatically forwarded to third-party record keeping systems.

Perform admin and management duties
without a hitch

With AvioBook Base, administrative duties are a breeze! Effortlessly manage, configure and update crew devices. All operational data flowing between devices is time stamped, recorded and traceable in a digital archive.