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Ensuring customers and partners have a stable, robust and secure suite of solutions

A cybersecure application from the outset

AvioBook has always been keenly aware of the need for robust and secure applications. From the outset we have endeavoured to include the necessary processes and protections to not only ensure that AvioBook is protected but that our customers can have confidence in us. Being awarded the ISO27001 in June 2022 was recognition of our concerted efforts to achieve our objective of creating a fully integrated, robust and secure suite of applications.

Cybersecurity and AvioBook

Take a look at this short interview with our CEO, Frederic Dru and our Cybersecurity Manager, Robert Dirks to see a little more about our approach and what the ISO certification means for AvioBook in the long term.

AvioBook principles of Cybersecurity

Clear communication

As part of a large and complex ecosystem, AvioBook recognises that security comes from open and transparent communication with all stakeholders. Whether it is our suppliers, our customers or our teams, AvioBook maintains close relationships so that, just like the data within our suite, there is fluid communication across the board?

People-centric security

95% of all cyber incidents are human enabled. Providing secure solutions means recognising the significant part that people play in maintaining or weakening cybersecurity. That is why AvioBook has placed people at the heart of our cybersecurity processes, keeping each member of our team aware of the need to mitigate risk and equipping them with the means of taking action

Continual improvement

Being ISO27001 certified for us is just external recognition of a journey we have been on from the very beginning. Maintaining resilience to the ever-changing landscape of cyberthreats requires constant vigilance. AvioBook reviews and updates its processes, carefully monitoring announcements and releases from the relevant authorities to ensure a robust response.

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