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Valuable resources & AvioBook features, especially for pilots

Be on top of the world

We are passionate about designing tools & features that you, as a pilot, would love to use. Dive deeper into our smart, intuitive app and discover how to optimize your operational efficiency with AvioBook. We have also made available some online resources to help you stay sharp.

Your greatest benefits

Enhance your situational awareness

Get on top of the situation before you have even made it to the aircraft. Our interactive 3D map displays en-route data and weather layers in a clean manner.

Did you know that AvioBook’s Globe has created the best vertical profile out there for you to easily analyze the meteorological situation at different flight levels? You can also take a look at the bigger picture & use the time slider to assess the weather conditions and alternate airports along the current or ensuing flight route.

Easily make the trade-off between
OTP and fuel savings

Have a hand in lowering fuel consumption & reducing carbon emissions or help optimize your airline’s on-time performance, all while steering clear of adverse weather. 

Globe’s In-Flight Optimization tool uses state-of-the-art algorithms and a more elaborate wind model than the FMS to calculate a lateral route (ECO CRUISE) and associated time & fuel savings.

Pinpoint turbulent zones

Did you know that your EFB is able to pick up on turbulence? We have partnered with SkyPath, a sensing tool that doesn’t require any extra device as your very own iPad’s accelerometer detects turbulence. 

Reach new heights of turbulence awareness as Globe helps you visualize both forecast and real-time turbulence through partnerships with DTN and SkyPath. The turbulence you see on Globe is processed according to your aircraft type. Seek out smooth air and keep your crew and passengers safe and comfortable.

Extra protection from distractions & interruptions

In the middle of a checklist when an ATC call interrupts your workflow? Distractions and unexpected changes happen all the time. To avoid confusion and to make sure you won’t forget anything, AvioBook has created Phases of Flight. This feature covers the entire flight operation in airline customizable task lists, defined per flight phase. 

Designed by pilots for pilots, Phases of Flight is that extra slice of Swiss cheese to stop the errors from aligning and potentially leading to a loss of situational awareness or worse.

Intrigued to find out more about our next gen EFB?

Discover all our modules in AvioBook Flight, created for pilots by pilots. No more hassle switching between apps and searching for scattered information. With our user-friendly EFB, you can spend less time on admin and focus more on flying.

Your AvioBook tool set

Flight is AvioBook’s next generation EFB, designed specifically with a pilot’s needs in mind. This user-friendly application allows for easy data sharing across modules and products so you can stay connected with the entire team. Spend less time on admin and focus more on what matters.

Quickly resolve operational disruptions and minimize delays. AvioBook Connect is brilliant in its simplicity. All flight stakeholders for a specific flight are automatically assembled in a virtual chat room for swift and effective communication. This way you can share live updates and coordinate actions with all your team members, accelerating the decision-making process.

The sky is not the limit! Receive avionics data and upload live updates, like the latest weather or airfield information, right onto your iPad. AvioCast ensures real-time data streaming between the aircraft and the ground and provides a WiFi hotspot for in-flight connectivity.

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We are dedicated to not only ensuring that airline operations run more smoothly but that final users, you the pilots, have the best experience with our suite of solutions. Learn more about what AvioBook is already doing to support pilots around the world.