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Airline management

Optimize your airline operations in an
ever-changing world

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Your greatest benefits

Prioritizing safety

By digitizing information and sharing live updates across modules and third-party applications, all flight stakeholders are dealing with the latest information. This allows for better coordination and improved operational efficiency. Most importantly, having access to the right information at all times enables crews to improve safety standards when operating the aircraft.

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Make every minute count

Optimize operational efficiency both on the ground and in-flight. Our digital techlog ensures any defects submitted by the crew are displayed in real time so your mechanics can get to work right away, minimizing turnaround times and avoiding delays.

Our next generation EFB provides your pilots with the In-Flight Optimization (IFO)  tool to make the ideal trade-off between on-time performance and fuel savings while avoiding adverse weather.

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Real-time data for improved decision-making

Revolutionize data management with AvioCast, our innovative 3-in-1 QAR/AID/WAP device. Collect and analyze flight data to improve your operations and ensure your staff is working with the best and latest information at their fingertips. Thanks to the ability to perform regular updates, our solution is secure.

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Improved operational performance

Conducting an airline operation is extremely complex and requires extraordinary coordination of various departments, people, flows and resources. It is therefore imperative that all staff can carry out their duties as efficiently as possible and streamline their workflow. 

The beauty of AvioBook is that data flows easily across modules and products and is presented in a user-friendly, uncluttered manner. All stakeholders are connected and can view the same information according to their access rights.

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Flight tracking

Base Globe supports fleet tracking using a clever combination of ADS-B and ACARS technology, allowing the OCC to monitor the position of all aircraft in the fleet. They will be able to better assist the pilots in case of an unexpected event as they can easily determine the crew’s intentions and coordinate actions with stakeholders on the ground, like maintenance engineers.

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Seamless communication

By opening up the lines of direct communication between all flight stakeholders, you can avoid countless phone calls and deal with any operational disruptions swiftly and efficiently. All the information is digitized and shared in real time so that everyone always has access to the latest updates. 

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