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Help your crew
manage the cabin

We reinvented the way information circulates in the cabin, based on feedback from real cabin crew. Help them stay informed and enhance their productivity with our user-friendly application.

AvioBook Cabin: An introduction

Take your performance to the next level with our intuitive app

Cabin is an intuitive product in which all the data flows seamlessly from the flight deck and ground, right to your tablet or smart phone. Quickly retrieve catering or flight information and go for an unparalleled level of operational performance.

Real-time information just a few taps away

AvioBook Cabin is a user-friendly application that saves you precious minutes. Easily retrieve live updates and flight data from the flight deck or operations control. With Cabin you’ll always have the information you need right at your fingertips!

Reporting made easy

Consult important documents at home or on board. Need to report a technical defect or an incident? It’ll only take you a moment to create and send off digital forms. They are all stored on Base for easy access. Stay ahead of the game and export the forms to analyze the outcome.

Digitize the entire cabin flow

Paper manuals, documents and forms are a thing of the past. Revolutionize your workflow with digital documents that are easy to navigate and impossible to misplace.