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AvioBook is growing... and fast. We are looking for passionate, talented and driven people who will bring their unique perspective to the dynamic and challenging world of aviation.

Take control of your future and send us your resumé! We'd love to hear from you.

Current job openings

Are you an enthusiastic & dedicated team player that is up for a new challenge in a great team and an exciting industry who can help us improve and expand the capabilities of our Integration services even further. As our Java Developer, you will mainly be working on our integration processes, running on Docker containers and serving as an operational monitoring platform for our airline customers around the globe. The Integrator team delivers data to the AVIOBOOK BASE which is a data hub that provides our mobile apps and portals with all the necessary data.

You will be working closely with your Quality & Operations Manager and other engineers and developers to translate new ideas into software in an Agile workflow to help grow our business and keep our customers happy!

Learn more about life at AvioBook from Ruben:

Are you an enthusiastic & dedicated team player that is up for a new challenge in a great team and an exciting industry who can help us improve and expand the capabilities of our Product suite even further. As our Java Developer, you will mainly be working on our AvioBook Base or Cloud services, which provides data and functionality to all of our mobile apps and portals.

You will be working closely with your Product Owner, UX designer & other engineers and developers to translate new features into code in an Agile workflow to help grow our business and keep our customers happy!

As our iOS developer, you will be working on our Mobile Apps, used by pilots and cabin crew worldwide to process information and communicate with their operations department. You will work closely with your appointed Product Owner and UX designer to translate new requirements and designs into code to continuously improve our apps. You will deliver high quality software to help grow our business and keeping our customers happy!

We are looking for a Business Analyst. As the right candidate you have analytical skills, are able to document processes and are able to identify process improvements. You have a natural talent for translating best practices into business processing that fits the organization. You are able to analyze the business and identify how the control framework should be implemented.

As our business analyst your first priority will be to analyze the implemented ISO27001:2013 controls, document in detail the business processes. Using frameworks such as NIST 800, you will help update policies and define procedures in alignment with the business stakeholder.

If you are also able to identify business risks in processes. Then we’re searching for you!

As the Product Owner of the Product team, you always look for ways to improve our product and service to make it better, faster, and more user-friendly. As our Product Owner, you are responsible for following our product roadmap so our customer commitments are delivered on time. You work cross-functionally in our product-first company together with our product developers and our customers, gathering their feedback, capturing requirements and communicating priorities.

You analyze metrics to understand customer and product performance, to then build a strong case to present to our customers. You are responsible for producing technology solutions from concept to delivery that satisfy customer needs in alignment with our roadmap.

With an eye always on the planning, you find a way to deliver quality topped with a decent dose of fun!

As our DevOps Engineer, you'll be responsible for the Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipelines by developing accelerated deployment scenarios. You will work to remove the barriers between the Development department and the Operations teams in order to streamline and automate our software delivery process.

You will plan and execute internal deployments and consult with the various teams involved to ensure a smooth delivery of the applications. You will monitor the outcome and progress of the Product Team in order to provide feedback to the Operations Department. You will detect opportunities for simplifying and speeding up the existing processes through means of automatization, detecting and solving recurring and important errors. You will draft and upgrade the technical documentation in collaboration with the development and operations team.

As Support Ops Trainer, you will focus on training AvioBook employees. You will evaluate training needs within the departments and create training programs that are beneficial for the professional development of your colleagues.

These trainings include, but are not limited to:

  • culture, company policy and (technical) processes within the organization;

  • (new) functionalities and architecture of the AvioBook software, components and integrations;

  • tooling and technology used within the company;

  • The ins and outs of every one of our products;

Time and resources will be provided to learn these concepts yourself, where needed. Training that requires in-depth technical knowledge can be supported by the team and/or other teams.

The Trainer assures related training material is aligned.

In your role, you are able to explain the aforementioned training topics in a clear and passionate way, offering continuous learning opportunities to employees to support them in improving their performance or obtaining objectives. You are also able to evaluate whether a training session was successful. Quality training boosts morale, involvement and employee retention.

This means you have an appetite to learn in a proactive and continuous manner, by:

  • reading internal and external documentation,

  • follow up on new releases closely,

  • deep dive in changes and bug resolutions,

  • and are able to convert this into effective training programs.

As the Application Expert of our proprietary software applications, you aid our airline customers with their daily operations. You deliver excellent customer support and customer experience for both technical and application issues. You gather all information required that will assist in root cause analysis and draft reports outlining actions done, actual root causes and steps to prevent this in the future to ensure customer uptime.

Sharing knowledge with the team is second nature to you, while you're constantly looking for improvements on our processes and service delivery. Challenges are faced with a positive attitude and you take ownership of outstanding issues and their solutions to ensure a smooth customer experience. You are willing and able to become a recognized and trusted expert in all AvioBook products.

You will work closely with the Support Engineers in your team as well as the Operations and Product team to handle the reported issues or business requests. As our Application Expert you will deliver high quality service everyday to keep our customers happy.

If you happen to have aviation knowledge, that's a big plus!


  • Have a clear view of the total process and workflows and can assist the team(s) with the details when needed.

  • Are always looking to improve tools and processes.

  • Collaborate with international teams.

  • Guard the reliability and stability of our systems, and identify bottlenecks.

  • Do “Blameless Postmortems” - Able to analyze incidents, find the root causes, and suggest improvements to prevent future incidents.

  • Guard/improve monitoring & alerting systems to produce meaningful error messages (dashboards)

  • Provide customer-based automated SLA reports

  • Produce guidelines & documentation on where and what to automate more efficiently in line with best practices.

  • Provide feedback to our system architects in order to improve the design for resiliency and scalability while keeping SLA in mind.

  • Creating and actualize of documentation.

  • Qualify, test and update DRP procedures to keep them within SLAs

  • Automate support tasks

  • Drive better cross-team collaboration

Have Knowledge and experience with:

  • AWS services and architecture such as

  • EC2, VPN solutions, EKS, S3, IAM…

  • UNIX based operating systems

  • DevOps, CI/CD, MYSQL, RabbitMQ

  • Operational rollout processes

  • Tools such as Ansible and/or Terraform

  • Programming/Scripting skills (Python, bash, sql, xml)

  • Containerization tools, understanding Docker and Kubernetes.

  • Orchestration tools like Kubernetes, rancher, …

  • Disaster recovery processes

  • API and Web services knowledge

As a Lead engineer you will focus on Service reliability. You will also evaluate needs for improvements, training and guidance within the departments. You will create the necessary content for that training, tooling and processes you deem to be beneficial for the professional development of your colleagues.

You will focus on mid to long term planning and coordination, ensuring services can be provided to your key stakeholders.

As a DevSecOps engineer you are skilled in every aspect of the name.

This means that you are someone who reads code, knows the development lifecycle, knows a thing or two about security (mainly web app vulnerabilities (OWASP) or system hardening) and in vulnerability management. You are able to transform and contribute to the CI/CD pipeline, and can help orchestrate deployments of our applications. You might also be someone who is eager to learn about the above mentioned topics, and have the ability to analyze abstract problems.

The right candidate is familiar with Topics like CIS (Centrum for Information Security) benchmarks or is eager to learn about them.

At the moment you are given a task which is outside of your comfort zone, you will be able to analyze the activity, document the required steps and implement it as documented.

As the Product Manager of the Product team, you always look for ways to improve our product and service to make it better, faster, and more user-friendly, while also trying to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the product team.

You are responsible for creating our product roadmap, in line with our strategy. You assist in the definition of scope and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility.

You manage a team of product owners and help them work in the most efficient way possible by actively sharing knowledge and aligning on methodologies within the Product domain.

You analyze metrics to understand customer and product performance, to then build a strong case to present to our customers. This way you build client trust. You are responsible from end to end for the creation of the roadmap and product delivery.

As a Cloud engineer, you are an enthusiastic & dedicated team player that is up for a new challenge in a great team and an exciting industry who can help us improve the performance of our Operations & Integrations team. You will be part of setting up and maintaining Linux environments on AWS with DevOps using tools like Ansible, Kubernetes, and Docker in an Agile and challenging environment.

In addition you interact with other teams in the company to help grow the business and keep the customers happy!

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