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Talk to your team
in real time

Stay in touch with your team throughout the entire operation. Our secure chat app provides a direct communication channel between the crew and the ground staff.

One communication app to connect all flight stakeholders

With a myriad of variables affecting airline operations, flights are rarely operated according to plan. Effortlessly navigate tricky situations like unexpected flight delays by having all stakeholders together in a secure flight room, ready to coordinate and make operational decisions.

A single app to stay in touch with the whole team

AvioBook Connect organizes all users into flight groups automatically created and updated for each flight. Share live updates, monitor the flight status or simply check in with your crew members. Connect can include additional stakeholders, like catering or contract maintenance, depending on the needs of your airline.

Quickly resolve operational disruptions

Don’t waste any more precious time on the phone, trying to get through to the OCC. Keep everyone in the loop and quickly resolve potentially disruptive situations by coordinating directly with your team members.

Get live updates & real-time data

With AvioBook Connect, all crew members and flight stakeholders are kept informed on the status of the flight. Our user-friendly platform provides easy access to the latest flight information such as gate changes, delays or even the latest METAR.