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Perform the right maintenance actions,
right on time

Help your maintenance engineers repair defects quickly and accurately with our fully digitized technical logbook. Keep your aircraft safe and minimize ground time.

The paperless wonder for maintenance operators

With instant access to unambiguous, detailed defect reports; you’ll be able to anticipate maintenance actions, work more efficiently and keep your MOCC informed every step of the way. Go for maximum operational performance with minimal margin for error and faster turnaround times.

Prioritize safety

AvioBook Tech includes a separate application for cabin crew, pilots and mechanics. Every app has specific functions designed with the specific target group in mind. By allowing stakeholders to look up the codes and enter information digitally, you’re sure to be dealing with correct and accurate data for maximum safety.

Optimize turnaround times

The techlog allows for synchronized technical follow-up through real-time data sharing. Consult defects from the moment they are reported. Thanks to accurate data and quick maintenance action, you’ll avoid unnecessary delays, reduce turnaround times and streamline your airline operations.

Each airline has its specificities. With an adapted demonstration, see the concrete benefits that AvioBook Tech and the Techlog module provide to your operations