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The most expeditious & cost-effective way to offload FDM data

AvioCast is an innovative, patented concept that is unique on the market. Our 3-in-1 QAR/AID/WAP solution allows you to wirelessly offload FDM data and share live updates with the crew. Keep your aircraft connected & your data secure while minimizing installation and certification costs.

Transform your airline operations with valuable data

AvioCast’s Quick Access Recorder (QAR) feeds live avionics data to maintenance personnel and the OCC. After landing, all post-flight data is offloaded and pushed to your preferred FDM processing solution. The AvioCast analysis tool allows for deviations to be detected as early as the moment of touchdown. Obtain valuable insights easier and faster for improved safety and operational performance.

AvioCast is an effective solution which can be maintained at a very low cost thanks to the portable server, which doesn’t require certification, and the ability to deploy wireless software and security updates

AvioCast has been specifically designed to work with all the products of the AvioBook Suite. Together, the hardware and software form a package that’s seamlessly integrated and fully connected.

The ability to perform regular updates ensures our innovative solution satisfies both safety and cyber security requirements. Rest easy, knowing all your sensitive operational data is encrypted & secure.

The connected cockpit

Dealing with an unexpected event like an in-flight diversion? With AvioCast, you can upload valuable information like in-flight weather, fuel information and a new flight plan directly onto your EFB. AvioCast uses an international 4G modem on the ground or SATCOM in-flight to provide the EFB with a Wireless Access Point (WAP) throughout the entire operation.

AvioCast’s Aircraft Interface Device (AID) is linked to your EFB, allowing the aircraft position to be visualized on the en-route and airport maps. Verify prefilled information like standard altitude and fuel figures in the navlog and aircraft Out, Off, On and In (OOOI) times in the journey log. 

Want to step up your game?

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