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All your flight data
within reach

AvioBook Base is a game changing information management tool for dispatchers and OCCs. By keeping the aircraft connected to a server and logging important information, Base improves operational safety.

Benefits you'll love

Improving safety standards

AvioBook Base is a remarkable tool capable of so much more than managing devices and company content. Base keeps track of every update that is downloaded onto the pilots’ EFBs, allowing you to retrace the information that was available to them at all times.

A digital archive of your operation

Base provides you with a secure, digital archive of data covering the entire flight operation. Logs and reports completed and submitted by the pilots, documents released to the crew and all the information exchanges are time stamped and traceable.

Want to step up your game?

Find out how we can help you improve your workflow and take your airlines’ operations to the next level! Our experts are happy to answer your questions.

Share updates & communicate with the crew in real time

Distribute the necessary documents, notifications and live weather data to the end users with the click of a button. No need to make countless phone calls to various staff members assigned to the flight. Reach the crew from Dispatch or the OCC at all times through quick messages and reports.

Increase your operational awareness

Base Globe allows full fleet tracking through a combination of ANSP, ADS-B and ACARS data. View the same flight data as the pilots.

Analyze actual and forecast weather conditions for upcoming flights, spot the crew’s intentions and coordinate actions with stakeholders on the ground.

Manage it all with a single touch

Easily administer, update and manage aircraft, users, devices and content. User accounts and access rights can be reviewed to ensure maximum security and user privacy protection.