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Help your crew
manage the cabin

We reinvented the way information circulates in the cabin, based on feedback from real cabin crew. Help them stay informed and enhance their productivity with our user-friendly application.

We've got you covered

All the information you need within reach, integrated with your back-office and tailored to your airline.


Preparing for a long duty with multiple sectors? Find out what your day looks like with Flights. This feature presents you with a clear timeline containing the planned flight legs and turnaround times.


Consult crew information as well as important documents from your flight planning provider. Accessible anywhere, any time.


With Library, you’ve got all manuals and company documents at your fingertips. User-friendly with a great search function, just the way you like it.


Complete, generate and send off forms in a few taps. Stay two steps ahead and export the reports to analyze the outcome.


In TechLog, you can select the visual layout of the cabin to see an overview of all cabin defects. Stationed at the back? You can adapt the view and switch the orientation from nose-up to nose-down. Enter a new defect by tapping the precise location.


In the Airports module get all of the practical airports-specific information you need from across all locations in your network. Not sure where the hotel shuttle is located? Get clear and up-to-date instructions. Need more information about hospital capacity? Find everything in Airports!

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