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The next generation
EFB solution

As a pilot, you’ll benefit from a connected and integrated EFB solution specifically designed for your needs. Optimizing the crew’s workflow will streamline your airline’s operations.


Access all pre-flight briefing data in an interactive and intuitive way

Get all the relevant preflight information you need, conveniently organized into a single module.

From weather through to NOTAMs and the ATC flight plan, everything is available and easily consulted. When you select a flight leg in the main module the requested data is presented in a way that seamlessly blends with the full EFB solution.

Briefing represents the foundation on which you can build an integrated and effective EFB solution.

Want to step up your game?

Find out how we can help you improve your workflow and take your airlines’ operations to the next level! Our experts are happy to answer your questions.

The perfect digital partner
for flight preparation


See a summary of the flight ahead taken from your airline’s flight planning systems.

Work through the data in a logical and accessible way ensuring you as a pilot don't miss anything critical whether it's: times, dispatcher identity, route, fuel, crew, aircraft history and passengers.


When preparing for your flight, make the most of the comprehensive METAR and TAF data. Color-coded information and bookmarks help ensure you can easily understand and use the data at your disposal.


Work through the vast number of notams thanks to an efficient search function and color coding system. While the ATC route is clearly presented and easy to copy for use in other modules and charts applications.

Learn how the AvioBook suite can improve your operations