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The next generation
EFB solution

As a pilot, you’ll benefit from a connected and integrated EFB solution specifically designed for your needs. Optimizing the crew’s workflow will streamline your airline’s operations.

Benefits you’ll love

Prioritize safety

By digitizing data, you can easily share and visualize relevant information in a way that enhances situational awareness and improves safety. Get instant access to all the data you need and cross-check the values. Use navlog in the OFP module, for instance, to easily monitor fuel and time trends in-flight. Pre-populated fields also reduce the likelihood of inadvertent errors.

Increase your situational awareness

AvioBook Globe is an interactive 3D map which presents a clean overview of the en-route flight segment, complete with airfield information and customizable weather layers. Check for specific meteorological hazards at different flight levels or use the handy time slider to analyze the situation a few hours ahead of time. Visualize both forecast and real-time turbulence thanks to our partnership with DTN and SkyPath.

Want to step up your game?

Find out how we can help you improve your workflow and take your airlines’ operations to the next level! Our experts are happy to answer your questions.

Optimize your flight’s operational performance

Help your company save fuel or improve on-time performance with Globe’s In-Flight Optimization (IFO) tool. Using an elaborate wind model and state-of-the-art algorithms, it will suggest a more efficient cruise profile which you can accept or reject.

Get the right information, quick ‘n easy

Having to execute an in-flight diversion or shooting a tricky approach? Use the Airports module to find all the airfield related documents and latest updates. Get all the necessary information at a glance and stay connected with operations and maintenance through messages, updates and notifications.