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EFB solution

As a pilot, you’ll benefit from a connected and integrated EFB solution specifically designed for your needs. Optimizing the crew’s workflow will streamline your airline’s operations.

We've got you covered

All the information you need within reach, integrated with your back-office and tailored to your airline.


Ensure you have the latest data and obtain an overview of your upcoming flights. Select the flight leg and view incoming notifications.


Access all pre-flight briefing data. Get slot updates, receive messages and documents specific to your flight and automatically transfer your flight route to your charting app. Your airline can color code important NOTAMs and METAR/TAF info to save you time.

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Find all your flight-related data in this user-friendly module. It improves safety and reduces your workload by pre-populating certain fields and automatically calculating fuel trends & waypoint estimates. Get notified by customizable system alerts or add notes like altimeter checks.


Get familiar with complex airports at a glance! This customizable module can include any airport information from operational data like weather updates, runway length and approach procedures to medical facilities and practical information for crew.

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Quickly retrieve & accept the electronic loadsheet or produce one yourself. Easily make last minute changes and save time while reducing risk!

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Shooting a tricky approach that is quite hard to visualize? Use our scratchpad to draw possible scenarios. You can also insert photos from your tablet or use the customized keyboard with fast keys to quickly note down clearances.

Phases of Flight

Long day ahead with an endless list of duties? Ensure you don’t miss anything with Phases of Flight. Build in an extra safety margin by completing the task list defined by your company.

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Launch your performance app and easily calculate your take off & landing performance. Our module takes into account your aircraft configuration, AFM and approved airport database. Fully automatic and completely reliable.


No need to switch apps! Simply tap to launch your charting app or automatically load your flight route. Whichever charting product your airline prefers to use, we have made sure it is fully integrated with AvioBook Flight.


Our fully digitized repository for documents reduces clutter and saves you time. Access documents specific to your flight or use the powerful search engine to locate the exact information you’re looking for.

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Manage issues efficiently with this customizable end-to-end reporting system that allows two way communication. Submit a safety or a fatigue report to Base using company authored templates and read the notes added by flight ops.


Weather any storm with this 3D Interactive map displaying en-route data and various dynamic weather layers. Use the In-Flight Optimization Tool to optimize performance and save fuel.

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Access the electronic TechLog to consult the health status of the aircraft and enter defects. Information is synchronized in real time, enabling early decision-making and a quick technical follow-up to help keep the aircraft in service.

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Ditch the paper and go digital with these smart electronic normal checklists, tailored to your company procedures.


Handy tools that make your life easier. Calculate holdover times or easily decipher GRF runway reports.

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