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Perform the right maintenance actions,
right on time

Help your maintenance engineers repair defects quickly and accurately with our fully digitized technical logbook. Keep your aircraft safe and minimize ground time.

Benefits you'll love

Save time and avoid delays

Defects are submitted the moment the captain digitally enters them in the techlog so you can get to work right away, saving time and avoiding unnecessary delays.

Consult defects on the fly

The techlog allows you to consult defects on a specific aircraft from the moment they are reported. Easily log repairs & checks and consult or update the technical status of the aircraft.

Want to step up your game?

Find out how we can help you improve your workflow and take your airlines’ operations to the next level! Our experts are happy to answer your questions.

Improved digitized workflow & communication

Don’t lose any more precious minutes trying to decipher handwritten notes in a paper techlog. AvioBook Tech lets the pilots look up the correct codes and enter information digitally, enabling flawless communication and follow-up.

Integrated app with smooth information flow

Everyone has access to the latest data as updates uploaded to the server are synchronized in real time with all crew devices. This way, you can rest assured you’re always dealing with the correct information.