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The next generation
EFB solution

As a pilot, you’ll benefit from a connected and integrated EFB solution specifically designed for your needs. Optimizing the crew’s workflow will streamline your airline’s operations.


Stay up-to-date on the technical status
of your aircraft!

Curious to learn more about AvioBook Tech?

Techlog is the interface for our e-techlog, there is a separate product for Tech-Ops, AvioBook Tech. Discover more here.

Boosting pilot workflows

Smooth communication

Don't miss a beat whether you need to share something with Flight Ops or Tech Ops with Techlog. Ensure that the right information on the technical status of the aircraft is in the right hands without having to pass around the paper stack.

Save time and effort

When you need to report defects, you want the process to be as smooth as possible. With Smart-Write up your defects are pre-filled with key pieces of data and as an integrated AvioBook module you enjoy the same intuitive design as the rest of your EFB suite. No need to change apps or processes it's all in one place.

Improve your turn around times

By instantaneously sharing any changes to defects and deferrals, reduce the time you have to hang around and improve the speed that maintenance actions are taken!

Book an adapted demonstration and see the concrete benefits that AvioBook Flight and the Techlog module provide to your pilots' lives