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The next generation
EFB solution

As a pilot, you’ll benefit from a connected and integrated EFB solution specifically designed for your needs. Optimizing the crew’s workflow will streamline your airline’s operations.

Provide pilots with the best EFB workflow support

With a growling complex EFB landscape, having a tool that supports your EFB workflows can lead to increased productivity, efficiency and peace of mind. That's where Phase of Flight comes in!

The intuitive, checklist like approach and automatic navigation throughout the application ensures that you get everything done.

Discover what Phase of Flight can do for your operations...

Minimize human error &
maximize flight safety

As pilots, you do a whole lot more than fly and not all of your duties can be cross-checked with checklists. Phase of Flight by AvioBook offers you a safety net in the form of a task list which covers the entire flight operation. Get on the same page, make sure you forget nothing and go for the highest level of flight safety with Phase of Flight.

Information organized in
a clear structure

Help your pilots systematically work their way through their duties. This feature presents information in a clear structure with each sector divided into three Phases of Flight: departure, en-route and landing.

Customizable for
your airline’s needs

Identify the tasks your crew should complete during every sector from start to finish. Defined for your fleet and entirely in line with your operational procedures.

pilot-EFB workflow

Standardize how your pilots use their Electronic Flight Bag and achieve a more efficient way of working as well as improved flight safety.

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